Selected Peer-reviewed Publications


·         Naira Chaouch, Marouane Temimi, Peter Romanov, Regina Cabrera, George Mckillop, Reza Khanbilvardi. (2012). An Automated Algorithm for the Monitoring of River Ice over the Susquehanna River Basin using MODIS data. Hydrological Processes. DOI: 10.1002/hyp.9548 (In Press).
·         C. Notarnicola, L. Caporaso, F. Di Giuseppe, M. Temimi, B. Ventura, M. Zebisch. (2012). Inferring Soil moisture variability in the Mediterrean Sea area using infrared and passive microwave observations. Canadian Journal of remote Sensing. Doi: 10.5589/m12-011.
·         Hamidreza Norouzi, William Rossow, Marouane Temimi, Catherine Prigent, Marzieh Azarderakhsh, Sid Boukabara, Reza Khanbilvardi. (2012). Using microwave brightness temperature diurnal cycle to improve emissivity retrievals over land. Remote Sensing of Environment, Volume 123, August 2012, Pages 470-482.
 ·         Marouane Temimi, Teodosio Lacava, Tarendra Lakhankar, Trumatoli Valerio, Hosni Ghedira, Riadh Ata, Reza Khanbilvardi. (2011). A multi-temporal analysis of AMSR-E data for flood and discharge monitoring during the 2008 flood in Iowa. Hydrological Processes. Hydrological Processes. 25, 2623–2634 (2011).

·         Norouzi, H., Temimi, M., Rossow, W. B., Pearl, C., Azarderakhsh, M., and Khanbilvardi, R. (2011). The sensitivity of land emissivity estimates from AMSR-E at C and X bands to surface properties, Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 15, 3577-3589, doi:10.5194/hess-15-3577-2011, 2011.
·         Krakauer Nir, Marouane Temimi, Stream recession curves and storage variability in small watersheds. (2011). Hydrology and Earth System Science. 15, 2377–2389, 2011. doi:10.5194/hess-15-2377-2011.
·         Chaouch, N., Temimi, Marouane, Hagen, S., Weishampel, J., Medeiros, S., & Khanbilvardi, R. (2011). A synergetic use of satellite imagery from SAR and optical sensors to improve coastal flood mapping in the Gulf of Mexico. Hydrological Processes, n/a-n/a. doi: 10.1002/hyp.8268.
·         Marouane Temimi, Peter Romanov, Hosni Ghedira, Reza Khanbilvardi and Kim Smith. An automated approach for determining sea-ice concentration for the future GOES-R ABI sensor. (2011). International Journal of remote Sensing. Vol. 32, No. 6. Page: 1575–1593. DOI: 10.1080/01431160903578820.
·         Temimi, M., R. Leconte, N. Chaouch, Sukumal P., Khanbilvardi R., Brissette F. (2010). A combination of remote sensing data and topographic attributes for the spatial and temporal monitoring of soil wetness. Journal of Hydrology. Vol. 388. Issue: 1-2. Pages: 28-40.
·         Lakhankar T., Ghedira H., Temimi M., Azar A. E., Khanbilvardi R. (2009) Effect of Land Cover Heterogeneity on Soil Moisture Retrieval Using Active Microwave Remote Sensing Data. Remote Sensing. Vol.1 (2) pages 80-91.
·         Lakhankar T., Ghedira H., Temimi M., Sengupta M., Khanbilvardi R., Blake R. (2009) Non-parametric Methods for Soil Moisture Retrieval from Satellite Remote Sensing Data. Remote Sensing. Vol. 1(1), pages 3-21.
·         Temimi, M., R. Leconte, F. Brissette, N. Chaouch. (2007). Flood and Soil Wetness Monitoring Over the Mackenzie River Basin Using AMSR-E 37 GHz Brightness Temperature. Journal of Hydrology. Vol. 333 (2). p. 317.
·         Temimi, M., R. Leconte, F. Brissette, N. Chaouch. (2007). A Dynamic Estimation of Free Water Surface Coverage From a Basin Wetness Index of the Mackenzie River Basin Using SSM/I Measurements. Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing. Vol. 33 (2). p 1-9
   Temimi, M., R. Leconte, F. Brissette, N. Chaouch (2005). Near Real Time Flood Monitoring Over The Mackenzie River Basin Using Passive Microwave Data. Remote Sensing of Environment. Vol. 98. 344-355.
·         Temimi, M. & S. Bennis (2002). Real-time forecasting of pollutant loads in sewer network. Journal of Water Science. Vol.15 (3) :661-675.


As Author:

    Robert Leconte, Marouane Temimi, Naira Chaouch, François Brissette, Thibault Toussaint.Cold Region Atmospheric and Hydrologic Studies, The Mackenzie GEWEX Experience (2008). Vol. 2. Chapter 4. ISBN 978-3-540-74927-1. Springer.
  •                                                C. Notarnicola, K.E. Lewińska, M. Temimi, M. Zebisch. Thermal Remote Sensing: Sensors, Methods, Applications; Chapter 10: Apparent thermal inertia for soil moisture monitoring: State of the Art, methodologies and application in agricultural areas. Springer. 2012. (Accepted, In Press)
  •                                    Marouane Temimi, Christopher Hain, Robert Rabin, Martha Anderson, Xiwu Zhan, Claudia Notarnicola, Jan Stepinski. On the synergistic use of microwave and infrared satellite observations for the monitoring of soil moisture. A contribution to a book entitled ““Remote Sensing of Land Surface Turbulent Fluxes and Soil Surface Moisture Content: State of the Art”. Taylor & Francis. (In review)
  •                                   Reza Khanbilvardi, MarouaneTemimi, Jonathan Gourley, and Ali Zahraee. Satellite-Based Systems for Flood Monitoring and Warning. A contribution to a book entitled “2012 Handbook of Engineering Hydrology” by Taylor & Francis. (In review)
As Scientific Reviewer

  • Hydraulics and Hydrology (Hydraulique et hydrologie). Saad Bennis. Université du Québec, École de technologie Supérieure. 2003.


    Peer Reviewed Proceedings (selected out of 40)

  • Norouzi, H., Temimi, M., Rossow W., and Khanbilvardi, R., Development of global land surface emissivity product at AMSR-E passive microwave frequencies, Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS), 2010 IEEE International, pp. 280-283.
  • Norouzi, H., Temimi, M. and Khanbilvardi, R., Global microwave land surface emissivity retrieval at the AMSR-E microwave frequencies, Microwave Radiometry and Remote Sensing of the Environment (MicroRad), 2010 11th Specialist Meeting on, pp. 90-95.
  • Al Suwaidi, A., Al Rais, A., Ghedira, H. and Temimi, M., 2009. Developing a neural-network-based; tool for the UAE coastal and inland zones, Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium,2009 IEEE International,IGARSS 2009, pp. II-460-II-463.
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  • H. Nourozi, M. Temimi, Khanbilvardi R. Using global land surface emissivity as soil moisture indicator. Remote Sensing and Hydrology 2010 (Proceedings of a symposium held at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA, September 2010) (IAHS Publ., 2011)
  • Zulamet Vega-Martínez, Marouane Temimi, Martha C. Anderson, Christopher Hain, Nir Krakauer, Robert Rabin, Reza Khanbilvardi. Towards a better monitoring of soil moisture using a combination of estimates from passive microwave and thermal observations. Remote Sensing and Hydrology 2010 (Proceedings of a symposium held at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA, September 2010) (IAHS Publ., 2011)
The first complete global image from NPP VIIRS (EARTH)